Discover 4 Powerful Ways that Office 365 Can Completely Revolutionize Your Business

Those steadfast office favorites – Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook – have been keeping companies running since the 1990’s. A computer workstation at every desk was a new concept, and Microsoft’s suite of software helped everyone get up to speed in the new tech reality.

A lot has changed since then. We now need to have the ability to work on the go through mobile devices, there are new security threats to worry about, and we have to keep staff and clients in remote locations connected. Continue reading “Discover 4 Powerful Ways that Office 365 Can Completely Revolutionize Your Business”

Lower Overhead and Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with Managed IT Services

Lower Overhead and Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with Managed IT Services

Many businesses start out handling just about everything themselves, from IT to shipping. It’s a way to keep costs to a minimum while launching a new company. But, not too far down the road is when managers realise that “do-it-yourself” philosophy is actually slowing them down.

Instead of calling on new clients, your sales team is spending time trying to update their tablets to the newest contact management software. Rather than brainstorming new advertising ideas for social media, your marketing person is trying to help your bookkeeper with a crashed computer. Continue reading “Lower Overhead and Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with Managed IT Services”

OneNote -The Killer App You Already Have

Does your desk look like this?
  OneNote needed

There is a software tool that most people have, but many are not aware of.

OneNote is bundled with every version of Microsoft Office and once you start to use it you will find it an excellent way to be more organised and to store anything that you need for easy reference. It’s a software replacement for the notebook that you may use daily but it can store so many more things than just written notes.

Open OneNote and you will see that it is displayed like pages in a tabbed ring binder. Notes can be written on any part of the page and OneNote automatically saves as you use it. However you can save so much more than text. Web pages can be clipped and added with the click of a mouse. Multimedia recordings, pictures…you can create tables, and these can be arranged in any position on the page. Create different notebooks for various subject and add pages as tabs within the notebooks.

You don’t have to have Microsoft Office installed on your computer to use OneNote. Download it from or just sign in there with your Microsoft account to use it. OneNote can be installed and used on almost any device. I use it on my Samsung Android phone, but if you have an iPhone, a Chromebook, or other device install the app or use it online.

Store notebooks on your computer or better still save to the cloud for access to your notes wherever you are. Once on Microsoft’s OneDrive notebooks are easily shared and more than one person can be working on the same page at the same time.

Once you became proficient with OneNote you may want to use some of the many keyboard shortcuts that Microsoft lists here. Create to-do lists and use tick boxes for each item or strike through text for a visual reminder that you have completed the task. OneNote is great for school projects and have been welcomed as the ‘killer app for education’.

When you open OneNote for the first time you will find that it has tips and information on how to use it.

So try it out. You may find it becomes an essential tool.

Why You Need Office 365

The use of new technologies which are rapidly appearing in Office 365 and other software could streamline or even revolutionise business practices in many industries. But the sheer speed of change means that many organisations have no idea that some of these options exist. The ease with which businesses can access software via subscription makes for a more level playing field with small business being able to utilise applications previously only viable for large organisations.

Many organisations are realising huge benefits using some or all of these services. You can access online many case studies of businesses improving their systems and staff collaboration. Read how Yammer was used to bring staff together and provide excellent customer service at Gatwick Airport during the Olympic Games, or watch how Suncorp (a large Queensland business) is utilising Yammer, hot-desking and flexible workplace practices to maximise team collaboration and provide an inviting workplace.

Enterprise grade email systems, with the ability to control the transmission of sensitive company data.  Skype for Business for instant messaging, video conferencing or sharing desktops for collaboration or training. SharePoint, Teams, Planner, Forms and so many more apps make Office 365 a valuable tool for businesses large and small.

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