The Modern Workplace is changing rapidly. Email has long been the primary communication and collaboration platform for business. It is still very important but increasingly, faster and more effective methods such as instant messaging, social media and cloud based file sharing are becoming important and critical ways of doing business.

To stay relevant and compete in the future, businesses need to embrace this new world, realising significant gains in efficiency.

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Office 365 – Cloud Computing

Office 365 Cloud Computing

You have probably heard of ‘the cloud’. It isn’t really new. If you use Hotmail, Gmail, or any other service that you access via the internet you are using ‘cloud computing’.

With improvements to internet reliability and speed cloud computing is becoming a great option for some businesses. Instead of having a server on your premises you can pay as you use a computer located in a datacentre either here in Australia or anywhere in the world. It’s much more secure than a server located under a desk somewhere.

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We help businesses keep their competitive edge by guiding their journey to new ways of working in the Modern Workplace.

The Modern Workplace is dedicated to providing effective solutions for small business.


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